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The weapon against boring and weary surroundings

The Surroundings Defend System!
With seamless vision diminishers, adjustable safetybelt, 40 Watt stereo speaker installation and standard compliant 3.5 mmm jack-plug for fully compatible audio-experience, you can totally shut yourself off from the surrounding world and it's annoying inhabitants!

Fully standard compliant
3.5 mm jack-stereo plug

The SDSystem is made of carbonfiber materials, is lightweight and with its reflecting stripes all over, the SDSystem is designed according to nowadays safety rules, and safe to wear even in dangerous traffic.
40 Watt stereo
speaker installation
Adjustable safetybelt

Soon available
Recharging-station for the SDSystem.
Enables the built-in MP3 player to download and play MP3-compressed music directly from the recharging-station!

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